Laurel Heights Hospital
The Discovery Program
Atlanta, GA

Stacey is an 18-year- old nonverbal severely autistic young lady who spiraled completely out of control behaviorally, contributed in large part to medication mismanagement. As her parents, we would like to share a very positive experience we had with Laurel Heights Hospital in getting our daughter back. Stacey went into Laurel Heights under the Autism Program one way and came out as a changed person with regard to her behavior, including OCD and her cognitive functioning ability. Her daily diet also got a makeover. We witnessed a transformation that occurred right before our eyes.

We cannot thank the entire team at Laurel Heights Hospital enough for the hard work and miracles they performed in executing a finely tuned, individualized recovery program for Stacey. They immediately identified and addressed her needs, got her medications adjusted correctly, and worked with behavior modifications. What was also impressive was the fact that we as parents, and Stacey’s siblings were taught new communications skills and techniques to help us interact better with her. We were also taught new teaching techniques and strategies to help her with day-to-day functioning. These were life-changing events and something we can use forever. It is like discovering a hidden language.

Today, Stacey has been discharged from Laurel Heights and has returned to school and will return to the North Metro Miracle League to participate in adaptive baseball and other activities that she once enjoyed.

Again, many thanks to Laurel Heights for giving us our daughter and sister back!

~The Majette Family— Steven / Deborah / Steven Jr./ Brittany