Laurel Heights Hospital
The Discovery Program
Atlanta, GA

My son’s experience at Laurel Heights was very positive. He came in with very aggressive tendencies and needed some potty training especially during bed time. The staff at Laurel Heights was not only able to control my son’s behaviors but improve them dramatically. They were also able to potty train him and he hardly ever has any accidents in bed anymore. It’s been a year and with the techniques they were able to teach us my son has been moving forward in a positive way. He went from being famous (not in a good way) in the school system, for his aggressiveness to now being a model student. Everyone who knew my son before the Laurel Heights experience is awestruck by the progress he’s made in the last year. Even though he stayed there for a shorter period of time than I would have liked (this was beyond my control or the hospital’s control) my son was able to acquire several skills during his time there that have helped him become more able to communicate and a lot more independent. I would recommend Laurel Heights to anyone struggling with an autistic child at home. It’s a very difficult decision for a parent to separate from their child for a period of time, whether long or short, but that experience not only taught him but taught us as parents also.