Laurel Heights Hospital

Laurel Heights Hospital, located in Atlanta, Georgia, provides quality, intensive, psychiatric acute and residential services to children and adolescents ages 7 – 21. Unique to the Southeast, Laurel Heights Hospital specializes in serving children with severe psychiatric disorders and has specialty programs to address the complex needs of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Specialty Acute Unit

The Acute Program is specifically designed to provide inpatient psychiatric stabilization and treatment, for children and adolescents ages 7 -17, who present with comorbid Autism Spectrum Disorders or other neurodevelopmental disorders. The primary objective of treatment is to quickly stabilize the symptoms that led to hospitalization, including severe self-injury, suicidal behavior and/or severe aggression. Treatment integrates psychiatric and applied behavior analytic interventions and strategies to stabilize severe symptoms and assist the patient in acquiring self-management and coping skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Program

The Discovery Program at Laurel Heights is a specialized residential treatment program for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders who have severe behavioral difficulties and co-occurring psychiatric issues. Our highly skilled team of professionals provide a caring, therapeutic setting with high staff-to-child ratios, 24-hour nursing care, various therapeutic modalities and applied behavior analysis services. Our primary treatment objective is to teach new skills and behaviors that allow our students to meet their needs in positive ways, thereby reducing interfering behaviors such as aggression or self-injury. Individualized treatment plans are implemented across all program areas to teach and reinforce self-management and skill acquisition in core areas such as cognition, language, social and daily living skills. Parent/caregiver training is a critical component of our autism program. It ensures that students’ newly-learned skills and behaviors are carried out in their homes and communities. We support parents and caregivers with face-to-face training and telephone consultation.

Parents, therapists, physicians and educators can call 1-800-634-KIDS or visit our website for more information. Transportation may be available for acute and residential programs.