Common myths of autism

Autism Myth #1
People with autism are unable or unwilling to make eye contact and don’t smile.
Most people with autism struggle with social interactions, but they do make eye contact and smile as well.

Autism Myth #2
People with autism don’t show affection.
Individuals with autism process things differently than most of us, but they most certainly do show affection. Maybe some more than others and the affection may not always come in the form we want but they are capable of affection, and will usually find their own method of showing it.

Autism Myth #3
People with autism are geniuses.
Although not everyone with autism is a genius, having autism doesn’t mean they can’t be one.

Autism Myth #4
People with autism don’t speak.
While some people with autism don’t speak, it’s certainly not true for everyone. Many with autism can communicate quite normally. And those who don’t talk may communicate using sign language, pictures or computers. Others may talk only by repeating what they hear, yet can’t communicate what they want or need.

Autism Myth #5
Children can outgrow autism.
Autism cannot be outgrown, but it can be treated. In fact, many individuals diagnosed and treated for autism are married, employed, have children and lead productive, fulfilling lives.

Remember ... every human being is unique and special in their own way, including people with autism. They too have hopes, dreams and the ability to accomplish their dreams, just like we all do.

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Common Myths about Autism